Friday, February 29, 2008

The Case for Absolute Truth

Two weeks ago, one of my church's elders gave a Sunday morning message outlining the three main eras of human thought. Click on the title above, "The Case for Absolute Truth," if you'd like to see his notes.

In the pre-modern era, truth was thought to be discovered primarily via revelation.

After the creation of the printing press, it became easier to distribute ideas. This marked the beginning of the modern era, in which reason became the primary source of truth.

Finally, after the two World Wars, humanity entered the post-modern era. Since then, experience has become people's primary entrée to truth.

Of course, this is greatly simplified, but it is an elegant explanation of why people think the way that they do in today's world.

Here is a link to a podcast of this message. If you have 50 minutes, I highly recommend this message!

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