Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jesus Heals: An Outline of Mark 5

  1. Jesus Defeats an Unclean Spirt
    1. Jesus tells Legion to leave the man
    2. Legion announces Jesus' true identity and begs for mercy
    3. Jesus allows Legion to move to a herd of pigs
    4. The pigs stampede down a cliff and drown in a lake (so what happened to Legion after this? what is the interaction between demons and dead animals? was this a dumb move for Legion, or exactly what they wanted?)
    5. The swine owners rush to tell the town
    6. The townspeople freak out and beg Jesus to leave
    7. The healed man begs to follow Jesus
    8. Jesus refuses, but commands the man to tell his story all over
  2. Jesus Defeats Illness
    1. A woman has been bleeding for 12 years
    2. Doctors have been unable to help her
    3. She has no health insurance, so she's broke
    4. The woman has faith, so she sneaks up on Jesus and touches his robe
    5. Jesus feels power come out and stops to address the crowd
    6. I believe that Jesus stops not because he doesn't know the woman, but because he wants to teach the woman and the crowd a lesson
    7. The woman identifies herself
    8. Jesus explains that her faith, not the cloak, healed her (this is a strong case against the power of relics and icons)
  3. Jesus Defeats Death
    1. Jairus, the temple leader, goes to Jesus to beg for his daughter's life
    2. Mourners inform Jairus that his daughter has died
    3. Jesus tells Jairus to continue believing
    4. Jesus brings the dead girl back to life
    5. Jesus orders onlookers not to tell what happened

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