Saturday, August 2, 2008

Outline of Mark 3

  1. Jesus v. Pharisees (again)
    • The Pharisees look to criticize and condemn Jesus on the Sabbath
    • Jesus asks the Pharisees which is better, doing good or doing nothing
    • Jesus heals the man's hand
  2. Jesus Withdraws
    • He goes out on a boat
    • He heals people with unclean spirits
    • Jesus forbids the unclean spirits to announce his true identity
  3. Jesus Recruits
    • He brings all of his disciples to a hill
    • He picks 12 of his followers to prepare them for preaching
  4. Jesus Returns to Town
    • Overwhelming crowds surround him
    • His biological family questions his sanity
    • Scribes criticize him
  5. Jesus Responds to the Scribes
    • A kingdom divided cannot stand
    • Satan is not divided against himself
    • This implied that Jesus' ministry was of God
    • Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not beforgiven
  6. Jesus Responds to His Family
    • The same people questioning Jesus' sanity come back to get him
    • Jesus clarifies that his followers are his family

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