Friday, August 15, 2008

The Parable of the Crazy Farmer

Pastor David Votaw called the story in verses 3-9 the parable of the crazy farmer.

Only a crazy farmer would throw seed around the way Jesus describes.  Normal farmers sow their seed in carefully-plowed rows.

  1. Farmers don't always hit their marks.
  2. Why does Jesus make an incompetent farmer a key character in one of his parables?
  3. There was a road next to the field.  This farmer is based in a more built-up area.
  4. Birds are happy to eat seeds that land on hard ground.
  5. There are immediate consequences for wasting seed on hard ground.
  6. Don't the birds need to eat?  What's wrong with feeding them?
  7. Birds are less important and have less intrinsic value than people.
  8. Rocky soil encourages seed to grow too quickly.
  9. How can a person respond to the gospel too quickly?
  10. This may be similar to generating false enthusiasm about new initiatives at school.  There needs to be reason and buy-in (head and heart) to consider a teacher a true participant in a new activity.
  11. The sun is both a source of life and death for plants.
  12. See 2 Corinthians 2:16
  13. Jesus is the litmus test of life and death for humans.
  14. More specifically, our reaction to Jesus' sacrifice is the litmus test.
  15. Roots protect plants from the harmful effects of the heat of the sun.
  16. Becoming rooted in Jesus protects humans from the harmful effects of unbelief.
  17. Becoming rooted in Jesus protects humans from the harmful effects of sin.
  18. Becoming rooted in Jesus protects humans from the harmful effects of stupid behaviors.
  19. Becoming rooted in Jesus is kind of like SPF 60 sunscreen.
  20. Thorns choke young plants.
  21. What role should parents play in protecting their children from "thorns?"
  22. Jesus seems to teach that it is a moral imperative that children be protected and shielded from "thorns."
  23. How am I at protecting my kids from thorns?  Am I a thorn in their sides sometimes?
  24. Seeds in good soil can yield a 30-60-100X crop.
  25. What is a 100-yield crop?  I know it's amazing, but how does that relate to typical seed and normal crop?
  26. I want to become a 100-yield crop.

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