Friday, March 14, 2008

The Struggle for Truth

This is the first time in my studies that I've felt one week isn't enough time to do dig deeply into a chapter.

Rather than rush, I'm going to extend my reading of 1 John 2 for another week.

I skipped ahead to verse 27 this morning. The Holy Spirit anoints us and teaches us the Truth.

One thing my wife and I discussed and struggled with yesterday is how to handle it when we disagree with the way our church has interpreted a paticular doctrine.

On the one hand, there is great value in following the wisdom of centuries of study and prayerful guidance from other Christians. On the other hand, we both have the Holy Spirit and the Spirit teaches us.

The way we've resolved this conflict, for now, is to continue to serve in our local church faithfully and live out the Truth as the Spirit has placed it in our hearts. But if either of us is required to teach or do something which forces us to choose between the church and the Scriptures, we will choose God's revealed truth through his Word and Spirit rather than church tradition.

This is a very delicate balance.

How do you, dear Reader, strike this balance? How do you honor your church without ignoring the Spirit?

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